You can start a CureFest in your City!

The first CureFest was held in Washington DC and still is held there every year. We like their format so much we asked them to help us bring it to Canada. We have a vision for CureFest to spread across Canada by leap frogging off of our success. We have been creating a template that local enthusiasts can use to start hosting CureFest events in their own cities, with their own unique twist. You don’t need much to start:

  • A big sign
  • Some music
  • A speech or two

If you have a passion for increasing awareness of childhood cancer contact us and we will help you easily launch a local CureFest.

With CureFest events happening at more locations across Canada, we will get closer to fulfilling our mission to make childhood cancer research a national priority by uniting the childhood cancer community, the general public, the medical community, and our elected leaders as one voice against childhood cancer.